Monday, April 14, 2014

CT Results

Well, we got some amazing news last week.  

Are you ready for it?  

40% reduction in tumors.  


I am still in shock.  I was hoping, praying, for stability.  I would have been happy with that.  But this?  Above and beyond.

So, details.  I won't go into specifics.  Those are boring.  But, here's what we know.  The tumors on my liver and almost gone.  They were each over 1cm, and they are now, as the report says, barely visible.  Amazing.

The others have also gone down in size.  Some are barely visible.  Others have gone down significantly.  The one tumor on my left hand side that I could feel is down pretty significantly, too.  

I couldn't be happier.  It made this past weekend, which was Julia's 12th birthday, even that much more special.  And, our upcoming trip?  Yeah - it's going to be one hell of a celebration.  I cannot wait.  

So, while I feel like I should keep going on and on about this, I am going to leave it very short and simple.  Because, really.....what else can be said?  



Carol Pack Urban said...


john said...

Great news. Seems the miracle happened you were waiting for.

Tina said...

WONDERFUL!!! Music to my ears!! Enjoy your Easter with your lovely family!

Unknown said...

Michelle - so very happy to hear your good news! We think of you often and miss your helpful ways around here. So happy you are enjoying happy times with your family. Wishing for you to continue to improve!

Amie Williams said...

Yay!!!!! So happy to hear such glorious news. Put on that cute dress with those fun boots and go celebrate :) you are a true ass kicker!!!

Denise Jordan said...

SO hope you are continuing to do well! Prayers, and positive energy sent from South Carolina!